GiiboxTM is a mobile app that you can use to get and share gift tokens (Gtokes) with anyone in your contact. And you get the freedom to choose which store to shop and get what you really want or simply shop when you are ready because gift tokens don’t expire.


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Giibox virtual prepaid tokens or “Gtokes” are virtual tokens that you can buy and gift to anyone on your mobile contact phonebook.

Gtokes are redeemable for equal value eGift cards of many top brand stores so you can shop for what you want, when you want. Or simply redeem your Gtokes for prepaid mobile airtime or settle utility bills where available in our network. Gtokes have no physical cash value and can only be used in Giibox mobile App. Gtokes are nominated in United States Dollars i.e 1 Gtoke = 1 US Dollar

Combine smaller units for larger value e.g $25 + $25 = $50
Shop at any store of your choice
Lost or Stolen
No mail needed
Buy airtime or utility Credits
No expiratory date
You can redeem your Gtokes for any eGift card of the store of your choice in our network
If your phone is lost or stolen, your Gtokes typically remain safe
Gtokes are delivered electronically almost instantly
Physical Gift card
Usually restricted to the particular store issuing gift card
Usually lost forever
Mail may take days or weeks for card to arrive

How it works

With Giibox, You get cool ways to connect and share with those who matter to you

When you register your Giibox account (by downloading and installing the Giibox App to your phone), your phone number is automatically registered to your account and you can buy, get and share Gtokes with family and friends in your contact phone book


Gtoke is the new cool in gifting. Instantly gift a family member or friend with a Gtoke that they can redeem for an e-gift card of their choice and go shopping!


Get the flexibility to shop where you want and when you want with e-gift cards.


Play Globally. Use Giibox to quickly settle prepaid utility accounts anytime and anywhere, for providers in our networks.


Because there will always be new and better ways to do stuff. We are a startup based in Miami, Florida, with an awesome platform that is changing the way people gift, shop, settle bills anywhere.

It’s all about connecting you to the things that you want or need to do fast. Send a gift to a friend or family anywhere fast. Keep the light on for a family in India or London – if it’s prepaid, it’s done. And we are working to add more service providers, so you can keep the world in your orbit. With Giibox,
people can better connect with brands.

Giibox makes gifting fun again. With Giibox, you are always confident that you gave the perfect gift all the time. Because you give the receiver the shopping pleasure to choose any gift of their choice.

In Traditional Gifting: You choose a gift of your choice and send to recipient

With Giibox: Recipients choose a gift of their choice by redeeming the Gtokes that you provide.

Get the freedom to connect and share, gift, shop and settle bills globally on our prepaid platform. The world is moving toward prepaid. Get your key to the world of prepaid and enjoy freedom your way!


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Common Questions and answers

Giibox tokens or “Gtokes” are Prepaid virtual tokens that users can buy and share with family and friends. Gtokes can be redeemed for equal value prepaid products and services in our network or partner networks. The Gtokes have no physical cash value and can only be used in Giibox mobile application installed on smart devices.
Gtokes are only available for purchase from our mobile App Giibox. You can download and install Giibox on your smart device currently only avaliable at The Apple store and Google play store. Be sure to confirm what works best with your smart device before downloading and installation from these stores.
There are Giibox does not charge any fees to get or redeem Gtokes on our platform
However, purchases made on The App Store-iTunes and Google play store usually have additional cost to each transaction that is beyond our control. We are unable to verify if service providers may charges fees for their services in association with Gtoke use. Please check with your service providers for any associated fees that may result from using our Gtokes on their networks.
Users can make a single purchase of Gtokes up to $5,000 USD limit at a time.
Yes. Anyone in your contacts phone book or add them.
But it is your responsibility to ensure that the recipient is of legal age in their country of residence and have smart device and access to Giibox mobile App to redeem Gtokes. (See our Term and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy). You will need their mobile phone number and email for them to receive credit alerts. They will also be required to open a Giibox account to redeem Gtokes. Some product and services may not be available in all regions.
Giibox App does not include the provision of a mobile device, Tablet or other necessary equipment to access it, including internet connectivity, service plans or other telecommunication services.
Is there a limit on how the amount of Gtokes I can purchase send or receive
Users can make a single purchase of Gtokes up to $5,000 USD limit at a time. Also, note that The App Store-iTunes and Google play store have set limits to the amount that can be purchase through their In-app-purchase. To make larger purchases of Gtokes, Please contact our customer service for alternative payment options.
However there is no limit to the amount of Gtokes a User can receives into their account from other Users as gifts.
    Log into your account. Don’t have an account? Download the Giibox App to you mobile device and create your account easily. It’s free!
  • Click/tap on GTOKES at the top menu to show available Gtokes. You can also access your Gtokes from the main menu > My account > Gtokes.
  • Select the Gtoke your wish to spend and click on the “eGift card” option to shop an eGift card of your choice from hundreds of brand store eGift cards (must be of same or equal value as Gtoke amount)
  • Click/Tap on “click to receive pin code” and the e-gift card code will be sent to your mobile phone and email.
  • Retrieve code from mobile phone SMS or email and use it to shop at the selected store online or at any of the store locations by presenting e-gift card code at checkout
  • (May not be available in all regions)
    When you shop at your selected store online, at checkout, select the payment option for eGift card and enter the eGift card pin code to pay for you purchases. If you wish visit a physical store location to shop where available, then present the eGift card pin code at checkout to cashier to pay. Be sure to read the store policies, terms of use for their eGift cards as store policies differ for different brands.
    Can I get a physical gift card
    No. Gtokes are designed to be redeemed for store eGift cards pin codes for shopping online or at checkout at a physical location (where available) or redemption for Airtime, or other prepaid services that may be available in our partner network and certain regions. However, some stores may agree to send out a physical gift card to you for a small shipping fee or no fee at all. Be sure to read the store policies and conditions and how it affects you.
    Log into your account Log into your account. Don’t have an account? Download the Giibox App to you mobile device and create your account easily. It’s free!
  • Click/tap on Gtokes at the top menu to show available Gtokes. You can also access your Gtokes from the main menu > my account > Gtokes.
  • Select the Gtoke your wish to spend and click on the “Mobile airtime” option
  • Select contact or enter phone number, and select country
  • Choose Operator and amount of airtime with same value as Gtoke (note: Some value of airtime credit may only be approximate to value of Gtoke in US dollars at prevailing exchange rate)
  • Click/tap to send, and airtime will be processed and credited to selected contact phone number.
  • (May not be available in all regions)
    Log into your account. Log into your account. Download the Giibox App to you mobile device and create your account easily. It’s free!
  • Click/tap on Gtokes at the top menu to show available Gtokes. You can also access your Gtokes from the main menu > my account > Gtokes.
  • Select Gtoke and click on the “Utilities – light, water, gas” option
  • Select contact and select country
  • Choose Operator and enter utility account number,
  • Select amount of prepaid utility credits with equal value as Gtoke (note: where value of utility credit may correspond only to entire value of Gtoke in US dollars at prevailing exchange rate)
  • Click/tap to send and prepaid utility credits will sent credited to designated account.
  • (May not be available in all regions)
No. Giibox Gtokes are virtual and restricted to online use only. They have no cash value, and cannot be converted into cash. However, some websites e.g,,, may buy unwanted gift cards for cash. Please read our terms and privacy as well as theirs. This does not imply any endorsement.
No. As at this time, we do not accept Bitcoins for payments.
Also you can check at the gift card store website or with the cashier at a store location. Giibox look forward to providing its users with a universal link to quickly check the balance on any gift card.
No. eGift Cards have no fees or expiration dates.
Click on the forgot your username or password and follow the steps to recover your login details. If you do not have an account, please create one. All users are required to create and have an account to use our service. Please click here to create a new account.
Simply login to your account and click on your profile. You will find option to update your profile details or change password. Enter your new profile information and click update.
To change your password; Enter and reenter to confirm the new password and then click update. The system will automatically update your password information.
We encourage users to change their account password periodically as this helps to maintain the security of your account.
Financial institutions and Financial regulatory authorities require us to verify the information of our clients for a variety of security related reasons to conclude most transactions. Please see our terms and conditions for additional information.
When you download Giibox mobile App for the first time, you will be prompted to allow Giibox access your contacts. Once you accept, the App automatically import your contact phone book into the App so that you can have easy access and for the App service to work optimally. You can also complete the process later by logging into you profile page and click on the sync contacts feature. To add new contact, Login into your account and click on contacts, you will find the Add contact feature. Follow the steps to add your new contact.
You can view your past transactions up to a year in the purchase history page. Login into your account. Click/Tap on your Giibox main menu and select purchase history.
Transactions with credit or debit cards can be declined for quite a few reasons. However, it is always best to note any error codes and call your financial institution. Our customer service is always ready to help but may have limited information or capacity to resolve most situations.
Most users making purchases for Gtokes for the first time will have their transaction placed on hold pending further confirmation of their identity, and financial information. Once verified, Users are able to experience faster processing of their subsequent transactions.
Some transactions may take longer than usual to process. Such situations may result in a hold or pending authorization approval by the financial institutions involved. Please see our terms and conditions for additional information.
Currently, Giibox processes most of it transactions through The App Store-iTunes and Google play store in-app-purchase processing. We may also be able to accept limited forms of payments including Credit, Debit and Bank transfers (US Banks only as at this time), western union and moneygram (additonal charges may apply at point of purchase).
Please contact our customer service for assistance for bank to bank transfer information. Additional fees may apply. Please sure to check with your financial institution concerning transfer related charges.
Our payments are secured by the industry-leading technology including but not limited to SSL to keep your information safe and secured. The technology - Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available), will automatically encrypts your information to keep it secured before and during transmission.
If you still have questions that have not been resolved by our help center, our customer service center is always willing to assist you.
Note: Always treat prepaid Gtokes, eGift cards pin codes and prepaid credits like cash. Any loss can be extremely difficult to recover and may be lost forever.Never give out or share your password or pins with anyone. We will never ask you for you pin codes or password. Beware of scammers.

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